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The fever of Entrepreneurship is not contagious, it’s a dream, vision, desire, zeal and enthusiasm which no other can understand.

Most of the Startups fail! most of the Entrepreneur surrender st some stage of their Startup, at the same time many of them build profitable business and sell, again they build some other profitable venture
and again sell and so on..

If you are one of them then you are a ”Serial Entrepreneur”

You have mastered the Art of building business, turn those into a profitable venture and hand it over to someone else for consideration.

While on the other hand if you can build a profitable venture where you can work for rest of your life, taking care of each and everything. Infra, business, resources, manpower, efficient operation, CSR then you are a “Businessman” .

Here are some differences between a Serial Entrepreneur and a Businessman :

Idea Generator

A Serial Entrepreneur is a warehouse of Ideas, he observes the business environment keenly, analyse the opportunities and threats, assess the risk and profitability, prepare models and Launch that.

A businessman has Ideas but relevant and related to his core knowledge field, he seldom work on any Idea which is not related to his business. He has a focused approach and sticks with the Idea he initiated, he may be flexible but the core of the Idea doesn’t change.


A serial Entrepreneur takes Initiative, he arranges each and everything and gets the thing started.

A businessman also takes initiative but he may get thing done initially and on his own as well. His intention to have a hold on the business he is starting, and turn it into an organization.

Key Parson

A serial entrepreneur plays the most Important role in the business he establishes till the responsibility is handed over to someone else. And then he moves on with new ideas and projects.Any businessman plays the most important and vital role in the organization, for the establishment which he is working and dedicated his time. He is concerned with the exploiting the commercial benefits from the goodwill earned over a period of time.

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