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Anupam Jaiswal is an entrepreneur and a Company Secretary by profession. He is a life skill teacher, trainer and business adviser. He has been providing his services to the Corporate and Startups, currently he is busy with “How to set-up and establish profitable business ” drive for his clients and helping Companies in improving their efficiency and turnover as well.

Hello and "Listening to your heart is a step towards knowing the God" - Anupam Jaiswal.

Business Growth Consultancy
In business growth consultancy, we offer the unlocking of hidden potential and opportunities. We work on developing a generative business model, through which your business turns in to an Organization.

Business Strategy
Every business operates in an environment with pressure factors, we offer measures to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the operations in a competitive business environment.

Executive Training Programs
Well-trained manpower adds significant value to the organization in terms of efficiency, effectiveness, increased productivity, and bringing employee and corporate excellence through online and offline Learning and Development programs.

Writing Business Plan
Business plan as per the need of the business and organization. We offer a well-defined process of evaluating businesses, projects, budgets, and other finance-related transactions to determine their performance and suitability and come up with the best workable business plan to raise funds and scale-up

Best Business Ideas
In this segment, we help you in identifying the best business idea that works for you and suits your approach, and can be scaled up as well.We already have explored more than 100 business ideas for you, come and explore.

Corporate trust Building
But after some point in time, businesses may start losing trust, the level of trust reached over a period of time begins to go to the lower level, and what was seemed well is not so well now.
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Anupam Jaiswal is a Motivational Speaker and Business Strategist. His Life mission statement is: “To explore the potential inside me and working every minute towards helping people to enable them to explore their potential, this way I make an effort to give back to society what I have gained or learned from it”.