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When progress is stopped, one thing is very certain the time has come to improve, enhance, and look for new ways to kick the progress to move again.

As an entrepreneur, you have to improve, explore and evolve, here are five ways to enhance your entrepreneurial vision.

1. Give yourself a break

“Entrepreneurs can’t have asleep”, comfort is not for them, sitting is for others and so on…, being en entrepreneur you have to work and keep working ‘every waking hour.

Before the launch of a start-up, it may be true but in my opinion sleep, comfort and sitting when you have a chance to is equally important as working every ‘waking hour’.

The break I am talking about is not going away from mundane affairs but to give yourself proper rest and enough sleep, as these are the best-known source of energy and fire you want to put in your efforts and that’s why this is badly needed.

When you ‘burn out, you can’t focus, you can’t think properly and your efficiency and effectiveness are compromised. Your startup has to bear the consequences

So have enough sleep, have enough comfort, and keep it remember ‘when you get a chance to sit, don’t remain standing when you get a chance to sleep, don’t remain awake’.

2. You’re you, and it’s your power

What got you here may not be capable enough to get you there; you are unique so your powers and strengths are. You are you and that is your power,

When you feel stuck, start looking at your achievements and accomplishments, look at your strategy journal, find out what’s not working.

Find some time to keep mum and then talk to yourself, realize your potential, take a pause, go in silence, observe the environment in which you are operating and I am sure you will find the way to move forward.

3. Take ‘Big enough’ risks

Entrepreneurship = Risk taking ability

Look upon your ways, are they still challenging enough? The strategy you adopted at the beginning, is still working? Look at your goals, are they really big enough?

Make your goal big enough, redefine those if there is a need, but keep working smarter than your goals.

Set goals, build an enabling environment, put you all fire in, work smart and achieve them one by one.

These three ways are there to help you in reinventing your entrepreneurial vision.

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