7 Rituals to Win Forever

7 Rituals to win forever, has described 7 Modern Age Rituals, necessary for winning and success in life.
it’s is a self-help and life skills book by Anupam Jaiswal.
It’s a ‘how-to guide’, it doesn’t only explain the reason for failure but, suggests the ways to “How to” overcome our shortcomings, and how to strive towards winning in every sphere of life.
Practice and perform these Modern Age Rituals from the core of your heart, they will give you what lies for you in the realm of the Universe.
The Book comprises 7 Chapters

1. Power of belief (Real powerful stories and techniques to condition out belief from negative to positive)
2. Goal setting (a whole new concept and correct method to set goals)
3. Self-management (With a planner). Learn how to manage anger, how to curb jealousy,
4. Positivity (Practical techniques)
5. Meditation (Very easy and practical techniques)
6. Success (Ultimate definition of success and the ways to achieve it)
7. Power of action

Q. What is the best way to remove negativity from our life? ~ Anupam j.

Ans. It’s quite simple.. just follow these 7 stops-

1. Stop meeting people with a negative mindset.
2. Stop waiting for someone to reach you and to make you positive.
3. Stop believing the fact that it’s too hard to become a positive person.
4. Stop paying attention to selfish and negative persons in your life start avoiding them so they can leave easily.
5. Stop blaming others for your losses.
6. Stop saying negative about others.
7. Stop being a negative person at all.
~ Anupam J.