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Motivational Speaking

Motivational Speaking is a way of influencing and inspiring individual whether they are in a job or profession or self-employed.

A motivational speaker is a person who has a message to deliver with the people and targeted audience. He identifies the message, codifies it into a form of speech, he uses triggers to make the speech more effective. In this way, he delivers the message of a corporate to his employees, a principal to his/her students. He engages minds and changes the mindsets to make them more powerful and effective in their Chores.

Anupam provides his speaking services to business houses, corporate and educational institutions and organizes self-organized events.

Business Consultancy

Goals are no longer remain goals if couldn’t be achieved in Time.

Every business goals are very much achievable if and only if the deadlines are met.

To meet the deadlines it is must have a clear picture in the mind that what is the objective of the business and how it will be achieved i.e. mission, vision, business plan and strategies.

A professional business consultant can help you into this.

He prepares a roadmap for your dream project and helps you in materializing in step by step.

He guides you in every stem and helps you in making your every step count and every move effective.

In our business consultancy part, we offer you industry and sector analysis, business analysis, survey,

Preparing a business plan, all required registrations, brand registration and protection,  strategy formulation, marketing plan and more related services.


Every organization prefers to have trained people, and if they have the qualification but no skills or low skills organizations conduct a training session for manpower engaged to make them more effective and powerful.

Anupam and team provide training on the following subjects:

Leadership, team building, employee engagement, value addition and public speaking skills.

We offer you a range of customized training programs as per the need with ensuring the effectiveness and result oriented approach.

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